Welcome to The Visionary Playground.png

The Visionary Playground is a place of enlightenment, empowerment and embodiment.

It’s where dreams come to life

It’s where your childlike wonderment lives

It’s where you say fuck yeah to you!

To your growth. To your healing. To your journey.

I’m here to be your guide and playmate as you navigate the road ahead of you.

To put things in a different perspective for you.

To give you the tough love when you need it and be the one to push you out of your comfort zone.

To show you how to not only embrace your shadows but embody them.

To free you from the shackles of your consciousness and let the magnificence within you shine through.


I'm Michelle Burke, I’m real, raw and honest. I’m equal parts, spirituality and  science, I mean I am a former science teacher.

I don’t it sugar coat it for you, I tell it like it is and this one if the many things my clients love about me.

I crack you open like Humpty-Dumpty and unlike all the kings horses and all the kings men, I guide you on your journey of becoming whole again.

I awaken you to your dream, show you the magic in your mess, liberate you from the lifetimes of limitations which has been holding you hostage.

I’m not a miracle worker. I’m simply a visionary, a creative, and a healer who is on a mission to enlighten, empower, and have you embody your true magnificence.

Welcome to The Visionary Playground (2).

How we can play together


Unbound is innovative transformational journey clearing the limitations between you and your dreams. Through the use of photography, the chakra system, Chinese meridians, reiki, spiral dynamics and emotional resonance this modality clears everything holding you  in a paradigm which no longer serves your dream. This process allows us to clears the blocks and limitations to be able to receive the Magnificence that you bring.


Your Magnificence

This session is a full blown realizations of who you BE.

During this channeled session we will dive deep to discover what you're here to be and do. Your Magnificence sets you on your path with a vision for more.

The Change Maker's Collective

A monthly membership portal for those who are ready to change ALL areas of their life. For those who are here to create change, to make an impact in this world and that impact starts with self-mastery.

Divinely Magnificent

Through the wonders of channeled artwork you will be given EXACTLY what you need to have your divine magnificence flow activated. 

Let's Connect

I’m a facilitator of empowerment. 

I bring wisdom to those who feel stuck in their world.


I release the stuck and move you into a new way of being and seeing. 


When you feel the fall, I'm  the net that bounces you up and way beyond what they ever thought was possible.


My purpose is to teach you that you are more.


Let me show you how magnificent you truly are and create a life beyond your dreams!